DIY Toddler Christmas Tree


A perfect bonding moment with your toddler and little kids this holiday season! What about decorating the tree together?

We are sure you planned it many times. But during the actual deco time, you realize that it is a bit challenging to decorate your tree with some unsafe materials here and there for your toddler. 

So comes our product. DIY - instill creativity to your kids early on. Material made from felt so they are super safe for your kids.

Weight: 315 grams         

Size: 50 x 60 cm

Why purchase NOW? You will receive them perfectly in time!

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Click "Add to Cart" and get yours Now! Please allow 1 - 2 weeks delivery time.

Best Practice: Due to transportation reasons, the product needs to be folded and packaged. When it is received, there will be some creases, which will not affect the use of the product. You can leave it for a while or iron it with an iron.


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